Eric Floyd's


The crowd on Friday was over 1,200 and the crowd on Sunday was over 1,600, and the atmosphere in the air was electric from the moment you walked into The Hilton, as we were all gathered there for one simple reason, to relive our youth... our pasts... the sound tracks of our lives sung by the originating artists.   Many in the crowd thought that surely there'd be some look-a-likes, for it all just seemed too good to be true; that is until our host (Eric Floyd) kicked off the night with The Old School Party Dancers in a dazzling opening number with uninspired costuming.   My disappointment was short lived, for once Eric Floyd bounded onto the stage and introduced the first series of acts, it was a nonstop trip back down memory lane, with no stops along the way to even catch our breath.  I'll try to run some of the highlights down to you.
The false start of SISTER SLEDGE featuring KATHY SLEDGE was hilarious, because although Eric introduced them, they apparently weren't ready.  There music came on and they did not.  So Eric came back on and commented on obviously 'how much weight they had all lost', and instead put ANITA WARD on who delivered "Ring My Bell" with piercing pitch perfect gusto.  

ANITA WARD sings her ageless classic, "Ring My Bell"



Then came the introduction that we had all been waiting for, the vivacious Ms. VIVICA A. FOX came sashaying out onstage to a standing ovation looking 20 years younger than she should be and planted a wet one on Eric as they shared center stage.  I have to admit, I was impressed, for here was Hollywood world class royalty live and in person and she made it quite clear that she had put aside her weekend to be on board to help out and work with her friend ERIC FLOYD in launching his Old School Party.   Impressive.
SISTER SLEDGE featuring KATHY SLEDGE made their curtain call this time around and did not disappoint, as they had the crowd rocking and even had Vivica come out on stage at the end of "We Are Family", which was a helluva photo op.
CAROL DOUGLAS made a command return performance from Wednesday's Diva Fever Revue opening night to Saturday's Old School Party to do "Doctor's Order's" once more and she was well received.
MONTELL JORDAN at at least 6'6" was in the latter part of the show on Saturday, but was placed up front in the line up on Sunday (Floyd told me that "he wanted an undeniably strong opening act to excite & ignite the audience); but on either night he rocked the house.  Not only is he soooo good looking to watch, but his vocals provided some of the best ear candy of the entire weekend, and by the time he got to his #1 single "This Is How We Do It", everyone was up on their feet.  When I interviewed Montell after the show at the after party, he made it clear how much he respected Eric Floyd's vision and how he was 100% on board the long term, nightly show returning to Vegas in the fall.
THE FORCES UNITED consisted of R&B groups FULL FORCE and THE FORCE MD'S, who each came on individually at first to perform a medley of their greatest hits ("Ain't My Type Of Hype", "Tender Love", etc.) and then they came together to both parody and tribute the likes of The Temptations and The Jackson Five, with Jessie D of The Force MD's doing a hilarious send up of Michael Jackson.  But all of the comedy came to a screeching halt the moment Full Force's latest discovery came onto the stage. L'IL MAN was all but 12 years old and barely 5 feet tall, but his rendition of the Smokey Robinson written, Michael Jackson inspired "Who's Loving You?" was a rock solid show stopper that had everyone up on their feet once more.  L'il Man was recently on Ellen and this youngster has a great career ahead of him with major interest from Disney and other savvy Hollywood honchos who realize that he's got the total package.  Another Full Force superstar in the making.
CAROL WILLIAMS, The Voice Of The Salsoul Orchestra tried to sing her first hit, "Tangerine", but when Eric Floyd slithered out onto the stage in time with her music and stopped her in mid note and had them cut her music (sending her off to start at a latter moment of his discretion), the audience seemed perplexed (as did Ms. Williams), especially when Eric hilariously flung himself out from under an electronically lowered backdrop and out to sit on the apron of the stage to talk to the crowd.  He explained that there were some major "technical difficulties" ensuing backstage and that as soon as it was all under control, we'd resume the show.  Well for the 4 minutes or so that he was onstage, he had us all in stitches with his madcap shenanigans & antics.  Why doesn't this man have his own show room here in Las Vegas, he is Funny with a capital "F" (for "F"un, "F"riendly and "F"loyd)!?

The Voice Of The Salsoul Orchestra, Disco Diva... CAROL WILLIAMS, getting down



After starting Carol Williams back up again, she handed in a marvelous set that had her breezing through her hits like "Dance The Night Away", "More" and "Native New Yorker".  She even took off her waist wrap scarf and broke it down center stage, dropping it like it's hot!   And the crowd roared.  She also left her cell phone on the stage by accident and Vivica and Eric answered it after she left the stage and to the audiences amusement, Vivica carried on an animated conversation with the poor unsuspecting person on the other end of the phone.

VIVICA comically answers CAROL WILLIAMS cell phone that she dropped and
left onstage after her performance, while ERIC looks on


As it turns out, it was CAROL herself calling her own phone to locate it after her show



NOTE:  Much later on in the program, once the danger had passed, Eric informed us all very matter of factly, that when he had stopped Carol Williams earlier, he had pointed out to Hilton crew backstage that the top of the right (black velvet) curtain had begun to smolder and catch fire as one of the lights was much too close to it, and although fire resistant, it had begun to already turn crimson orange as it began to smoke.  We in the audience thought the smoke was a theatrical effect, and had no idea that it was the beginning of a fire; and what could have ended tragically with a stampede of the young and old alike to exit the room, had a more less experienced, immature or irresponsible host had yelled "FIRE"; was instead handled by a master showman who never let us know that there was absolute pandemonium backstage as they scurried about to extinguish the fire, while Eric kept us all laughing and we were none the wiser.  Kudos to you, Mr. Floyd, you not only entertained hundreds that night, but you also saved as many lives, as well.
Okay, now back to the show.
VESTA came sashaying out onto the stage dressed in winter white and sporting a striking red afro puff.  And let me say that this woman's voice and onstage persona was no joke.  Although her Tina Turner impersonation seemed a bit strained, she nevertheless did not fail to bring the house down with her #1 hit, "Congratulations", receiving a well deserved 1 minute standing ovation in the end during her fanfare dramatic walk off.
SISQO is a dynamic performer, let me say that first and foremost, but he has to remember that he is a star.  I say that because he had one of the most confusing openings I've ever seen, because he came on dressed just like his dancers in baggy Hip Hop gear, saggin' pants & a baseball cap that covered his eyes (the windows to the soul and an Artists connection to the audience) for 90% of his performance.  We couldn't distinguish him from his dancers when he entered (especially for an un-hip Jewish grandmother like me and other members of the audience perhaps not readily memorable of what a 'Sisqo' looks like), and the star should always been immediately noticeable.  All that aside, one cannot negate from the fact that this pint sized dynamo is a cross between Michael Jackson & Sammy Davis, Jr. combined by the way he moves and grooves on the stage.   A formidable soul singer, he is equally comfortable in delivering the unrelenting vocals strands of his #1 smash, "The Thong Song".  My only other complaint is that he did his biggest hit as if it were a B sided throwaway and not the showcase showpiece number that it should rightfully be in his set.
MELI'SA MORGAN brought the glamour to the evening in full length gown and soulful diva vocals, to boot.  From her rendition of "Ain't No Way", which would make Aretha herself gush & blush to her hit "Fools Paradise" and onto her jaw dropping vocal delivery of her #1 classic, the Prince penned; "Do Me Baby", this woman electrified the room in ways that I've only seen Diana Ross do back in her heyday!  I hope she'll be a regular on board the Old School Party.
WANDA DEE & THE KLF had Eric Floyd (MC Shadow) on guest rapper duty to his wife's myriad of international Pop/Dance #1 hits she both wrote and sang as The Voice Of The KLF back in the 90's, as she killed the crowd with uber vocals on Techno/Pop classics like "3am Eternal" & "What Time Is Love?"  And who knew that Mr. Floyd could rap?  What can't he do?  Wanda's super sized version of Prince's "Controversy" complete with Wanda's gloriously tight ass in matching leather chaps to her equally body beautiful male  and female dancers (although admittedly in her mid-40's, she was old enough to be their Mothers, but from what we all observed, Wanda's body was honestly tighter than any of the 20-something year old girls that backed her up), was an opening that I will not soon forget.  Especially when the part came for Wanda and her entire ensemble to turn their backs on the audience with sweaty bare butts facing us all and (suddenly) all of the lights shutting off due to a momentary black out at The Hilton that immediately clicked on the emergency generated lights.  It was so on time and on beat, that we all screamed with excitement, thinking that it was part of the show.  Not missing a beat, Wanda and her dancers began to shimmy and tremble their asses in our faces and as we all shouted and stamped our feet from our seats.  Well the gods must have heard them in Heaven above and wanted to see the completion of her wicked performance, because suddenly the power came back on and she continued to slay the crowd in her usual inexhaustible, no nonsense style and fashion.  Every inch The Goddess, she is ageless, timeless, gorgeous and sexy from every angle... our new age TINA TURNER.   Another one who could headline her own show and room here in Las Vegas, especially as I understand that she sings in 8 languages. 





In fact, rumor has it that Floyd plans on mounting a full scale production of "NAKED AT THE FEAST: AN EVENING WITH JOSEPHINE BAKER" to debut in Vegas at The Paris Hotel & Casino (naturally) on April 12th ('10) which happens to be both La Baker's death day and La Wanda's birthday.  I'm getting my ticket now!
click on link above to enjoy Wanda's latest interview with an international publication
C&C MUSIC FACTORY featuring ZELMA DAVIS is one of those unpretentious, humble and unassuming quiet riots I've ever met or seen, because when she came onstage to represent C&C, as she was their lead vocalist for most of their biggest hits; I had forgotten how powerful this tiny divas voice actually was.   But she reminded us all that she was no mere prop in her group, but a commercially viable, kick ass vocalist who took no prisoners as she glided through one C&C hit after another, "Things That Make You Go Hmmm", "Gonna Make You Sweat" and "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky?"   And just as I was thinking how nice it would be to see a combination of the two lead voices of two of the 90's biggest Dance groups, ZELMA was joined onstage by non other than her girlfriend WANDA DEE (The Voices of C&C and KLF) to combine vocal prowess on the old Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer disco classic, "Enough Is Enough".  Needless to say, these girls threw it down, mixed it up and left us all breathless for more.  I smell a major world tour between these two divas.  They are quite simply, the real deal!  WOW!!!!!
SHANNON escorted by an imperially regal, Egyptian garbed Eric Floyd on Saturday and by veteran actor Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas on Sunday, dressed in his pimp inspired character clothing and demeanor of his "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" role of 'Fly Guy', and he then delivered his infamous "Bitch Betta Have My Money..." speech from that same film over a James Brown funky drum solo intro, in which 80's Dance Queen Shannon answered to him, "Well let me get out here and make this money for you, Daddy...".  After he sashayed off with his eternal cool elegance, Shannon lit the stage afire like a girl half her age, wearing a butt cheek revealing white Native American ensemble, complete with massive afro wig.  Her "Give Me Tonight" and "Let The Music Play" sounded as relevant today as it did when it came out some 20 years ago.  And boy can this woman move, she truly is one of the reigning Queens of Dance.
ROB BASE has, by far, one of THE biggest party records of all time, but before he got to it, I should make mention that when he walked onstage, folks just lost their minds, like that one crazy life of the party uncle that we all have, had just arrived to the family reunion.  His reputation had far proceeded him and we all knew it, and so did he.  After warming us all up with classic Hip Pop Dance grooves he hit us hard and low with "Joy & Pain", which every one sang along to the chorus, and then the Old School Party dancers invaded the stage to lay into his #1 classic, "It Takes Two".  Nobody was sitting down at this point, myself and my daughter included.
And last but not least, there was no need to sit down, for right on the heels of Rob Base was non other than VANILLA ICE, who was the biggest (pleasant) surprise of the evening (next to Eric Floyd rapping that is); because he totally rapped hard and rocked strong!   Everybody around me was dancing in their seat spaces and on into the aisles, and by this point the poor Hilton ushers were also dancing themselves, resolving (I guess) that if you can't beat 'em, might as well join them.  One look around at all of those happy faces in the room and I realized that you could have taken a snap shot and surmised that we were all back in high and junior high school at our class prom.  From "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" to the universal smash of "Ice Ice Baby", we were having the time of our lives at Eric Floyd's Old School Party.
I am even smiling now here while writing this article, not only for the promise that a regular nightly show like this brings to the entertainment starved Las Vegas strip, but quite simply for the most selfish reasons of all... for as a 50+ year old woman, wife, Mother and Grandmother, I attended each of the 5-nights with my 30 something year old daughter; and it did wonders for our relationship as we found ourselves sharing a commonality that we never knew we had before.  MUSIC!   We had our routine down pat, we'd have an early dinner at 6pm each night and then find ourselves skipping to our seats each night in The Hilton Theater's main show room to take the remarkable journey back down memory lane that our Master of Ceremonies and Producer, Eric Floyd had in store for us each night.  He promised us "THE TIME OF OUR LIVES" and by golly (yes, I said "by golly"), HE DELIVERED! But who knew that it would be this much fun?  Laughing.  Dancing.  Singing.  Watching.  Re-stimulating all of those old cells, repressed pleasant memories, forgotten dance steps and the over all vibe of what life felt like before Bush, before the recession, before the wars in the middle east, before Michael Jackson died.  Thank you Eric Floyd.  Thank you Goddess Empire.

Which brings me to my last and final point.  The questions I asked in the beginning of this article... just WHO is Eric Floyd and WHAT is a Goddess Empire?  After all, ALL of the entertainers both onstage and off, exalted Mr. Floyd to legendary mythical status with complete attitudes of gratitude about his vision, persistence to see a project through to the end, love of Artists, keeping food on many of their tables with regular work in his productions around the world, excellent free career advice and guidance he's given many of them, mastery of the stage and generous hospitality in how he has treated them all both during this trip to Vegas and in and throughout their decades long business, personal experiences and relationships with him and his company and family.  
Many of them like VANILLA ICE talked about being overnight guests in one of his several homes across the country and having the best "pancakes" they've ever had in the morning, KATHY SLEDGE talked about watching Siameze grow up on the road with her and his Mom, WANDA DEE (touring gay pride shows together across the U.S.), MELI'SA MORGAN exclaimed that Wanda & Eric were her good friends from NYC for over two decades, CAROL DOUGLAS said that Eric grew up around her household as an extended member of her family (as did CAROL WILLIAMS), PEGGI BLU just out right grabbed the mic and stood up from her seat in the packed house and told the audience that although she did not give birth to Eric, that he was indeed "her Son" (claiming him outright to a teary eyed Eric who was so visibly moved we could all see it took him a minute to get his cool / game face back on in order to move on with the show).  But this was no mere showbiz schmaltzy staged sentimentality; these artists were sincere, and not only when it counted (on stage), but offstage... backstage... at the after party, everywhere I ventured I was either told directly to my face or overheard the artists, crew  and (even) Hilton staff themselves speak about how much they loved Eric Floyd and his family.


VANILLA ICE brings his Producer, ERIC FLOYD & WANDA DEE on stage at the
end of his amazing set to thank The Floyds and Goddess Empire for always
making him feel at home both on their stages and in their homes where
he has stayed overnight on quite a few occasions in different states


VIVICA joins the stage for the finale, as they try to get the audience off



ALL the stars gather on stage for the well deserved standing ovation & group finale'



EPILOGUE: Separating fact from fiction
Well, when I asked some of the after party goers, about some of the not so nice things written about Eric Floyd on a particular Rip Off Report online blog site that had him listed as everything from a devil worshipper to a cult leader to con man and fraud, the answers were swift, severe and passionate.  "Haters"... "Former disgruntled employees"... "a woman scorned..." "orchestrated conspiracy... " were some of the answers I received until one high level Hilton executive (who asked to remain anonymous and) who had quite a LOT to say, broke it down like this; "I will give you a direct quote if you promise to print it all in it's entirety, unaltered and un-paraphrased in any way and if you keep my identity out of the article (citing that their comments were far more important than their name)... sure we're all aware of the crap online, but our take on it is this, it's Internet Terrorism at it's best and a sign of the times that we unfortunately live in now... the Craigslist generation... It's a bunch of concocted, fabricated b.s. deliberately designed by people with an agenda to stop a successful international businessman on the rise who have found a web site that they can post ANY thing about ANY body at ANY time without any responsible research done for accuracy before this crap gets printed and posted... hell, it's not like it's factual data posted by some reputable news source like USA TODAY, The L.A. or N.Y. Times for Christsake... it's another unchecked, unmonitored hate induced blog site that any one in show business longer than a minute has the danger of winding up on... I've seen 'I hate Beyonce' sites, 'I hate Obama' sites, 'I hate Oprah' sites, 'I hate P. Diddy' sites, so I guess Eric is in great company.  It's Eric Floyd today, it could just as easily be me, you or any of the amazing acts he has in this room tonight or tomorrow.  The Bottom line is that since the moment this guy arrived in Vegas in 2006 and produced his first shows at The Sahara (Trenyce, Delisco, Freddie Eckstine, Sylk, Satin & Lace), he and his family have become one of Vegas' most respected entertainment families and he has DELIVERED on everything he has ever guaranteed or promised that he would.  I mean just look around you, who else in this town could have pulled all of these artists together in under 10 days time and put on 5 consecutive days of all-star entertainment like this?  Do you know how deep his pockets would have to be for him to have done all of this as extensively as he has done this both on stage and with accompanying after party's EVERY night?  If the man's a con and a fraud, nobody in this room seems to know or feel that... nobody here at The Hilton executive offices would feel that either.   He does good business with us.  All of his bills are paid.  The artists are paid.  The advertisers are paid.  And he now holds the record for having booked more rooms and suites in our hotel than any other Producer in the entire property's history.  He and his family and The Goddess Empire staff have been nothing short of consummate professionals to deal with, starting with his first 5-night engagement he produced in our Shimmer Cabaret for his son, Siameze, and on through this huge series of concert events here this week".  Whoa, now that was a mouthful.
Well, without having to go much further, I deliberately made it my business to speak to the Hilton Theater and Shimmer Cabaret ushers, technical staff and even the valet attendants, and there are quite a few FACTS that they all agreed upon, and that was the gregariousness of Eric Floyd's generosity.   The stories of him handing out $100 tips to ALL Hilton staff he works with proved to be true.  The stories of him handing out all natural, sugar free, home backed bean pies to both his Artists and casino staff in lieu of Thank You cards, proved to be trueRon Garrett, former VP of Entertainment and Marketing at The Sahara (whom Eric, I learned, affectionately refers to as 'Zeus', and whom Ron refers to as 'Kunte') saying that Eric Floyd is the most honorable Producer and Manager that he has ever worked with in Vegas (something he also put into writing in a great letter of reference that I found online), proved to be true.   Vegas Producer, David Saxe stating that Eric was responsible for negotiating the first and only contract for a singer to star in his "V: The Ultimate Variety Show" at The V Theater in Planet Hollywood (his former client, Season 2 AMERICAN IDOL 5th place winner, Trenyce, who was also his son Siameze's former girlfriend), proved to be true.   May 22, 2006 - AOL Black Voices - READ FROM TRENYCE HERSELF
Presenting $1 million dollar winner of Wayne Newton's (now) defunct reality show, THE ENTERTAINER, Delisco (his former client) both at The Sahara and his very first overseas gig in Berlin, Germany, proved to be true.  Giving Latin superstar Marc Anthony his very first dramatic training and casting him in his first feature film, EAST SIDE STORY, which he also wrote, proved to be true.  Eric's successfully negotiating a multi-million dollar settlement for his wife (Wanda Dee) to sing lead for the British Pop/Dance group, THE KLF back in the 90's for their entire WHITE ROOM album project (when they initially illegally sampled her voice onto two of their biggest hits) and also insured that she gets a weekly royalty payment from all of the 10 BLUE MAN GROUP company's around the world who have been closing their shows with her self penned; "Last Train To Trancentral" KLF hit for the past 16 years, proved to be true.  Eric's controversial birth date, weight and time of 6/6/66 at 6pm weighing 6 pounds and 6 ounces, proved to be true (which would explain the "devil worshipper / cult" rumors).  And last but not least, when I was promised that I'd personally have the time of my life at Eric Floyd's DIVA FEVER WEEK at The Las Vegas Hilton, that too, proved to be true.


The Vegas BLUE MAN GROUP stars pay homage to The Goddess


From what I gather, Eric Floyd & his wife of 25 years, Wanda Dee, have been a love story that defies convention or logic, in one of the hardest industry's in the world... Show Business.  They are both devout health and fitness enthusiasts, who everyone around them knows, have led a lifelong non-drinking, non-smoking, non-drug using lifestyle.  His wife, a loud, proud bi-sexual woman, has thus afforded them a marriage that included the addition of a bevy of drop dead gorgeous lovers (plucked from their personal staff of dancers and live-in personal assistants), that have proven to be a provocative point with others OUTSIDE of their marriage, which appears strong on every level.  Most open minded folks applaud the honesty, integrity and validity of their union and how successfully intact it has remained throughout the years, while certain other narrow minded busy bodies have enviously labeled them morally corrupt and bankrupt for daring to live such a bohemian lifestyle in this modern day and age; especially when it was discovered that Eric's latest addition to the family (little 17 month old ROBYN KELLY FLOYD) was a from a pre-approved and sanctioned romantic union between Floyd and their long time live-in assistant and lover, Miss KITT WILLIAMS, a statuesque 5'11", sexy, svelte super model out of the New Jersey / New York City area, who came to live with them (and personally assist Eric) at their Las Vegas estate home.  Yes, if you're thinking what I'm thinking, this man's personal life, sharing his 'Goddess Empire' with a harem of consensual, beautiful, talented and college educated women, while putting on this towns biggest and most glamorous shows, overseen by his Army of Estrogen, is a reality all unto itself.  This unorthodox lifestyle, has most of Floyd's labeling him 'The Black Hugh Hefner' or "Blue Hefner" as one young male dancer told me.

ERIC FLOYD and his newborn baby girl, ROBYN KELLY FLOYD


KITT, ERIC, ROBYN & WANDA... 1 big happy family



When I questioned Eric about this provocative part of his personal life, he shrugged it off and said quite simply; "Only two things break up marriages, SEX and MONEY, and my wife and I are on the same page about both of those subjects.  We make money, but money will never make us (we've heard that before, haven't we?)... and when it comes to sex, NOTHING comes between us, unless we put it there... and if we put you between us... well, let's just say, that's a very nice place to be (he laughs that trademark cackle of his)... 80% of all marriages end in divorce and 90% of marriages are built on lies and unrealistic man made Judeo-Christian values of 'forsaken all others'... well, what creature in God's animal or human kingdom are hard wired that way, realistically... no seriously... who?  And coming from a divorced household, my wife and I refuse to introduce lies into our marriage, like most of the rest of the world does... there is no 'cheating' in our marriage... no need to lie... and no need to hide who we really are... what we really like... and the natural need to explore and enjoy these minds, spirits and bodies God has gifted us with.  We make no apologies for our marriage and lifestyle, nor do we try to shove it down anybody's throats (no pun intended), but we simply do what works for us and have built an Empire... Careers... (and most of all) a Loving Family from our union!  Some of our lovers have been with us for over 2 decades, and some of the Queens we share our home and life with have been living with us for over 7 years now.  We're NOT the only showbiz couple into this type of lifestyle, just the only one's with the balls enough to admit it.  SEX IS NOT A DEAL BREAKER IN OUR MARRIAGE!"
Whoa, although it's not a lifestyle that I could ever find myself in the midst of, I cannot deny that Eric has an almost supernatural charisma, charm and refreshingly disarming quality to him that makes his words roll off of his tongue like butter and settle into your psyche like your favorite flavor of ice cream.  Probably because he's not spending an ounce of time or energy on selling you an ideal, but rather stating his case honestly and not caring whether you buy it, believe it or not.  His Vegas home has all the exotic trappings of a real authentic Egyptian palace somewhere at the northern tip of Africa, and it's easy to surmise that this is not a religious family, but yet a very spiritual one.  Although they admittedly profess to be 'Christians', their basic lifestyle common sensibilities are moreso based on ancient Egyptian and African spiritual ideologies where Women ruled the land and families (HERitage, HEReditary, inHERitance... even his Goddess Empire card states, 'We're Making Herstory') and where a man could have as many wives (or in this case, 'lovers') as he can afford.  But anyone who has ever been a room with this dynamic couple will have to admit, when they're together, no one else in the room exists to them, but them, as they lock and load rhythmically in ways that every married couple longs to experience, especially after a marriage that is now spanned a quarter of a century.
In show business, an industry made up of lies, deception, smoke, illusion and mirrors, this type of in-yo-face honesty is a real breath of fresh of air.  It's quite clear when meeting him or any member of his family, what you see is what you get!  Take it or leave it! 
They both unapologetically view God as a Black Woman ("The Mother Of The Universe has to be a Black Woman because the Black Woman is still the only being on the planet that can give birth to a baby of any color or hue), and upon discovering that about one another, they felt it was "divine design"  that they launched a full service entertainment Management, Booking Agency, Music and Concert Production company called Goddess Empire back in the 80's, and Eric has booked and/or managed artists through the years ranging from SNAP!, C&C Music Factory, Wanda Dee, Grace Jones, Freda Payne, Loleatta Holloway, Dionne Warwick, Iris Chacon, Eartha Kitt, Meli'sa Morgan, D'Atra Hicks, Trenyce, CeCe Peniston, Barbara Tucker, Ernestine Jackson, Adina Howard, CeCe Peniston, Vanilla Ice , Peggi Blu, Corina, Marc Anthony and many, many more, while also Producing at least a half dozen world tours (WANDA DEE & THE KLF, SWEATFEST WORLD TOUR 2004, GRAND DIVAS OF STAGE, THE DIVA FEVER REVUE, etc.).
Their net worth?  Who knows.  It all depends who you talk to.  I've both read and seen the stories of their legendary mansions and estates scattered across the U.S., especially as many of the stars I interviewed have been overnight guests in several of them.  Those in the know agree that he has been a savvy successful business man on an international level for over two decades (even keeping his wife Wanda Dee on the road some 10 months of the year for 22 consecutive years, selling out shows in over 150 cities in 90 countries on 6 continents), wisely investing his money and keeping as many properties and purchases out of his personal namesake as possible.  I tried to get members of his own long time executive team to open up to me about such matters but to their credit, their boss has them well trained because I couldn't get a word of any substance out of Sal DiSanto (his Personal Manager of 24 years), Guy Garceau (his Business Manager) or Duncan MacPherson (his CPA) about the inner working machinations of this very complex man. 
The most I could gather from any of them collectively is that 'LOYALTY' is the feature that Mr. Floyd is most attracted to in others, and so those close to him are often forewarned that E.A.T. (Everything's A Test), and he will go through great lengths to 'test' those around him to make sure that they're with him for 'a cause' and not just 'because'.  He feels like their are only basically two types of people in the world , GIVERS and TAKERS.  He, being a natural GIVER, will make sure that he is only surrounded by natural "GIVERS" within his inner circle and personal sanctum, and he will stop at nothing to test a person's ability to selflessly GIVE of themselves.  And no one is exempt, his own family and personal household staff, included.  If you pass the 'test', he will reward your life in immeasurable ways, and if you prove to be a natural "TAKER", he will distance himself from you, giving you hopefully time to evolve to 'the other side'.
Unofficial sources have said that Floyd dropped a cool $350K on this 5-day event alone like you and I would go to the market for the weeks groceries.  And looking at the five television camera's each night and the army of Goddess Empire staff, crew, dancers, assistants and aids that he wielded and yielded like a well oiled military operation, the overall production value was undeniable.  Overtime rates in the union (Hilton Theater) house meant nothing to him, as he repeatedly exclaimed, "It's all about the footage... I make money (but), money never makes me"!  You gotta love him!   This is what an old school Impresario is made of... Berry Gordy, Busby Berkeley, David Gest, P.T. Barnum, they're all cut from the same cloth.
One things for sure, like Prince, another fellow Gemini, who I believe Eric shares a June birthday with, I found at least a half dozen young people around the room on any given night who have actually been renamed and re-christened with a name and (on stage) persona different from their birth name by The Man.  No different than Prince renaming a Denise Mathews into VANITY, I've met super talented and beautiful young people with names like KARISMA SKYY, ALYNXIA and JOVAN BLAZE, that are all both proud and excited to bare his personal chosen Goddess Empire namesake.  I don't know why anyone would find this type of long time showbiz practice to be out of the ordinary and thereby label Eric 'a cult leader' or his Goddess Empire a 'cult', for if that's the case, then MGM Studios would be the industry's biggest 'cult' for all of the no name, plain John and Jane's that they renamed since the 30's and 40's; or do you really think that JUDY GARLAND, MAE WEST, AVA GARDNER and LANA TURNER were their real names?  This is not 'CULT' behavior, this is simply old school show business at it's best.  And let's not forget that his mentors and femtors are some of the biggest names in classic old school Hollywood (Eartha, Sammy, Lena, Shirley, Cab, etc.).  Just a product of his environment growing up.
And now, Eric and Wanda's greatest Production, their Son, Siameze, who has obviously inherited the best of both of his parents (Dancing, Acting and Comedic Timing from his Father, Singing, Designing and Songwriting from his Mother) is being poised to continue on the family business of Entertainment, as his audiences and critics approval in Las Vegas are growing with each appearance.  And here's my prediction, with numbers that grew with each night (450 Wed, 680 Thu, 1,108 Fri, 1,255 Sat and 1,684 Sun), and people still abuzz about these amazing nights of entertainment everywhere I go, Hilton staff aglow about a show that none of us will ever forget and almost three quarters of a million dollars in ticket sales from his 5-night extravaganza, with at least three different major Vegas casino chains now offering to house Eric Floyd's OLD SCHOOL PARTY and/or his Eric Floyd's DIVA FEVER REVUE, as well as his amazing Son, SIAMEZE: THE GODSON OF ROCK & SOUL at their property's; it's safe to say that Vegas and the world hasn't seen or heard the last of Eric Floyd and Goddess Empire.  And you know what?  Just from the great time that me and my daughter had together and the great memories and musical moments we shared with thousands at The Hilton because of Eric Floyd, the thought of his return, excites me. 






Girlfriends since the 80's WANDA DEE & Soul Songstress, MELI'SA MORGAN share the love & support for one
another that has kept them closerthanclose for decades.   Each of them congratulating each other on turning
the show out during their individual performances, and for quite simply being soul survivors in the music biz.


Sandwiched between her husband / Producer, ERIC FLOYD & The Debonair Duke of Dance, MONTELL JORDAN,
WANDA enjoys the attention being book ended between these two fine gentlemen wearing her SERGIO LUNA




SISTER SLEDGE featuring KATHY SLEDGE in front of The Las Vegas Hilton sign




SISTER SLEDGE f/KATHY SLEDGE gather in Eric & Wanda's dressing room


SISTER SLEDGE f/KATHY SLEDGE gather in Eric & Wanda's dressing room


Eric hilariously jumps into the crowd to get up close and personal w/the crowd







If you weren't among the lucky to actually see it all go down, night
after tremendous night LIVE IN LAS VEGAS from the fabulous
here's a sneak peak at what is shaping up to be
THE hottest new show on The Strip.

Eric Floyd's
celebrating the musical best of the 70's, 80's & 90's Classic Hip Hop, Dance, Disco & Soul
Turn your volume up


Click here for Part 1!


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